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Why wooden sheds are better than the rest

Wooden Sheds Clitheroe

Wooden sheds are one of the most popular home storage solutions in the UK; thousands of homes up and down the country have a reliable, longstanding shed in their back garden, and most of the them are constructed from trusty wood.

wooden sheds clitheroe imageThe main reason why wooden sheds are so popular is because they are incredibly durable. Provided that they are cared for properly, they hold up well to all kinds of weather; they will not melt like plastic or warp like metal in the heat. They don't rust in the rain, and they're brilliant insulators in chilly weather so as to protect any cold-sensitive items inside from damage during winter.

They can also be hit repeatedly with footballs without even a hint of dent; perfect for those who enjoy the odd game of footy in the garden. You'd be daft no to purchase a wooden shed Clitheroe...


Wooden Sheds Are Extremely Robust

wooden sheds are extremely robustWood is an incredibly versatile material to work with, and as a result of this there are almost unlimited possibilities in terms of shed styles and designs. Whether you need a small, simple shed for storing a few gardening tools, or a large, robust shed for housing power tools and lawnmowers, the possibilities are endless when building with wood. Wood also looks more natural than metal or plastic, and has greater flexibility for extra design features such as window boxes or carved window frames, which improve the shed's aesthetics and help to reflect your own unique style.

At Map, we offer three different ranges of wooden sheds in Clitheroe. This ensures that we can cater to everybody's needs and provide a shed that is just perfect for each customer.


Economy Range

High quality wooden sheds at affordable prices, for those on a budget or with less demanding needs from their shed.

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Premium Range

Made to order sheds manufactured with high quality materials, these sheds are built to last with top of the range finishes.

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Heavy Duty Range

Large, secure and highly durable sheds for those who have lots of expensive gardening equipment to protect from theft and extreme weather.

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At Map, not only can we help you choose the right garden storage solution, but we can also deliver wooden sheds in Clitheroe and the surrounding areas. We can even install it too, ensuring that your trusty shed stays standing for many years to come. So if you'd like more information on wooden sheds Clitheroe then don't hesitate to get in touch, call us today on 01254 491632 or get in touch via Twitter

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