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What Are the Best Winter Flowering Plants?

What Are the Best Winter Flowering Plants?

Just because the winter months are here, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the beauty of your garden.

Wintry gardens can look spectacular with the right flower choice, and you can still spend some quality time in your garden planting and pruning.


Pansies1. Pansies

Pansies are a popular choice among winter gardeners as they add flashes of colour and are especially useful in window boxes and hanging baskets.

While pansies do prefer full sun, they still flower in semi-shaded areas and can be used to plug gaps in your borders.

Pansies come in all sorts of colours like purple, blue, red, orange and yellow, and their sturdy stems can withstand most winter rain and wind.

Plant winter pansies in late summer of early autumn.


Winter Aconite2. Winter Aconite

Yellow isn’t a colour that’s much associated with the winter months, but if you want to bring a little bit of spring/summer freshness to your garden in the frosty period, plant some winter aconite.

Admittedly, it does look rather strange seeing these flowers in frost-laden circumstances, but they’ll give your garden some punchy freshness.

You can plant winter aconite in the spring or autumn months.


Winter Cherry Tree3. Winter Cherry Tree

Okay, so this one isn’t a small flower as such, it’s a pretty big tree! But cherry trees are popular among winter gardeners due to their pale, pink leaves which bloom throughout autumn, winter and spring.

And what a breathtaking sight they are, especially if you’re lucky enough to get some snow. While other trees shed their leaves, the cherry tree blossoms, becoming a focal point of your garden.

Also, you can plant these trees at any time of year.


Snowdrop4. Snowdrop

We’re going to stick with the winter named theme here and go with the snowdrop. While the other flowers (and tree) we’ve mentioned here create a contrast to the reds and whites we are accustomed to during winter, this flower delivers.

Their droopy white heads are bit like white lamp shades in the bitter winter breeze. A truly beautiful flower that’s worth having in any winter garden.

For best results, plant snowdrops in the late spring.


Hellebores5. Hellebores

Helleborus plants have wonderful, leathery, thick purple and green leaves throughout february to april; and add a mysterious depth to your garden throughout the winter months.

These plants are ideal for winter themed plating containers and work well when spring flowers are underplanted with them.

Plant hellebores at any time of year.


Get Your Garden Winter Ready

If you want your garden to look spectacular this winter, try some of these flowers. And remember, there are more flowers that can make your garden stand out, so experiment. Happy planting!

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