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5 Ways to Heat an Outdoor Building in Winter

5 ways to hear an outdoor building in winter

Sheds, summerhouses, log cabins - how many people use them in the winter?

If you’ve got all manner of garden and leisure essentials in there like bikes and BBQs, you probably don’t want to go and sit amongst all those items in freezing temperatures!

However you can use outdoor buildings as workshops, games rooms or somewhere to relax in the winter. Providing you can get the room at the right temperature, of course.

Here are our 5 recommendations for heating your outhouse this winter:

1. Electric Radiator

Electric Radiator

If you’ve got a small shed or a log cabin, a small electric radiator could help keep your outbuilding hot enough to work or relax in.

There are no installation costs required with an electric radiator and they are easy to operate - also, they won’t break the bank as running costs are low.

Electric radiators won’t heat large areas though, so ensure you’re only covering a small area.



2. Halogen Heater

Halogen Heater

If you’re energy conscious you could buy a halogen heater, which are more efficient both energy and price wise (although the initial cost will be slightly more than a traditional heater).

Most of these heaters come with safety features that prevents falls, so they’re ideal for use in workshops or outbuildings where there’s a lot of movement.




3. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

If you’ve got a more permanent structure in place like a log cabin or a summerhouse, underfloor heating could provide you with an even distribution of heat that saves a lot space.

You can get water or electric-based systems, but if you live in a particularly cold climate, an electric system is probably better as water could freeze.

Be aware that initial cost and maintenance will be a lot more than a single-purchase heater, although the heat rewards are greater!



4. Fan Heater

Fan Heater

Another popular type of heater, fan heaters don’t need any pre-warm up - you just plug-in and get warm!

They’re energy hungry though, so be wary of leaving them whirring away for hours. They do circulate heat though, so they can heat a fairly big room up.

Being one of the most popular types of heater means there’s plenty of choice around, so you can get the one that suits your needs.



5. Log Burner

Log Burner

Want to give your outbuilding a traditional, rustic feel? Go for the log burner. You won’t be paying anything on top of your electricity bill, and if you live close to nature then you’ve already got some free fuel (permitting you can use it).

A log burner is also a showpiece, so don’t forget to show it off to any guests you have round.




Keep Yourself Toasty This Winter

If you think any of the above heating methods will suit your outhouse, get in there before the winter season creeps in.

You can get heaters on-demand, but log cabins and underfloor heating will require some work.

Whatever you choose, happy holidays!

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