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Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Grass

Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Grass

People are now turning to artificial grass due to its numerous advantages as compared to natural grass. In addition to needing less upkeep, it is environment-friendly and more visually appealing. In general, artificial grass makes life easier for you, your children, and your gardener who does not need to mow the lawn anymore. The following are the benefits of replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass:


You don't need to water itYou don't need to water it

Unlike natural grass which needs constant watering, artificial grass does not require water to grow. The only time you use water is when cleaning it, and this is usually done occasionally. In the end, you save a lot of water and you are bound to see your water bill reduce significantly.



No fertilisers and pesticidesNo fertilisers and pesticides

Artificial turf stays green without any enhancements such as fertilisers or pesticides, so you don't have to fill your lawn with chemicals that can end up having adverse effects on your plants and general wellbeing. Moreover, it is not conducive to the existence of bugs, and this means that you will have eliminated the problem of pests for good.



Not affected by seasonsNot affected by seasons

Artificial grass does not depend on warm or cold weather to grow, and for this reason, you are sure to see your lawn green throughout the year, whether it is during the summer or winter. It is made to withstand all seasons, traffic, and even ultraviolet light. Comparatively, natural grass only tends to do well during specific seasons and is virtually non-existent during winter due to the extreme weather. It is therefore clear that artificial grass will not only save you money but also the trouble of having to plant grass after every winter.


No weed problemsNo weed problems

Weeds pose the biggest problem for natural grass. You are forced to use a lot of money and time clearing them, and within no time they are back. However, with artificial grass, the issue of weeds ceases to be a bother.




Safe for childrenSafe for children

Chemicals used to enhance the growth of natural grass are not necessary with artificial grass and children can play on it without risking their health. Plus, artificial grass will not trigger allergies like natural grass can, and it will not develop hole or puddles - which are potential trip hazards.



The benefits of artificial grass far outweigh those of natural grass. For the sake of your children’s safety, durability, and an evergreen lawn, you should go for artificial grass. Here MAP Garden Furnishings, we offer a variety of artificial grass, including Trent Witchgrass, Savoy Witchgrass, and Majestic Witchgrass, at affordable prices. For expert advice, feel free to give us a call on 01254 491632 today.

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