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Prepare your outdoor furniture for autumn

With autumn just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan and organise your garden in readiness for the cooler weather.


The big clean up

Start by checking the furniture to ensure that there isn't any damage or repairs needed. Hot soapy water and a brush should do the trick to clear the majority of moss and algae. By cleaning your furniture, you'll limit the amount of bugs and spiders that decide to use your furniture as their new home. If you have a shed or garage, consider putting the furniture away when it's not in use to prevent frost or rain damage. If you don't have any shelter for your furniture, consider investing in a waterproof covering to minimise exposure to the cold and rain.


Repairing and replacing

If straps, slings or slats are damaged and need repairing or replacing, there are many companies out there that will do this for you. If you are happy to fix these things yourself, make sure that all fixtures are clean and safe. If you check all this before you pack things away for autumn, you will have plenty of time to do any renovations that are required.



Metal or wrought iron

If your furniture is made of metal or wrought iron, you will need to check for rust and deal with it accordingly. You may decide that the furniture needs repainting, in which case you should invest in a good quality paint/varnish to ensure a strong finish.




Decking, fences and tools

Don't forget to clean up any decking and fences as well as your lawnmowers and other tools. The chances are you won't need these during the autumn/winter seasons but it's best to have them clean and in good working order for when the warmer months arrive - don't forget to check the lawnmower blades are sharp for when you need them next. With wooden fences and decking, it is an ideal opportunity to treat them to prevent any winter damage. Finally, it's also a great time to check that your gutters are clear and free of moss.

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