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Looking for a new project?

Looking For a New Project?

We all spend so much time and energy working on our gardens that sometimes we forget to just stop and smell the flowers. Gardeners are often at the mercy of the seasons - spring rolls around and we rush about planting new seeds, and in the summer, maintenance and watering take up much of our time. In winter it is often too cold and inhospitable to enjoy our gardens. That’s why the perfect project for the new year is to install a summerhouse in your garden.

Why install a summerhouse?

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Having a garden shed is often a necessity, as it's somewhere to store all of your tools without having to drag them back through the house and getting mud all over the carpets - they are entirely utilitarian. However, a summerhouse is something much more. It can be your retreat away from the demands and stresses of your life, and somewhere you can escape to and put your feet up. On a hot sunny day, when you’ve spent hours working on your garden, what could be better that sitting down and admiring all the beautiful flowers you have cultivated? During the colder months when the rain comes, we often forget about our gardens. But despite the name, a summerhouse has year-round benefits, and sitting in there watching the rain run down the windows can be a very relaxing experience.


Summerhouses have many benefits

Summerhouses have many benefits

Installing a summerhouse in your garden isn’t just a place to escape and enjoy the view. There are many benefits to a summerhouse and you can use them for a variety of different purposes. For example, it can be a spot for the family to gather, talk, and play games, or it can be a quiet space for you to relax and read. It can be a study, office, or workroom too - somewhere you can disappear into and be able to focus entirely on your personal or professional projects.

The process of installing a summerhouse can also be very rewarding, especially if you build it yourself. Even if you purchase a ready-made one, like those available from MAP Garden Furnishings, you can still use it as a chance to hone your decorating skills. Alternatively, you could build a shed or log cabin - it really just depends on your needs and space!


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