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Cabin rental for Christmas markets

What makes cabin rental ideal for Christmas markets?

The year is almost coming to an end, which means great prospects for businesses and fun lovers. One of the most anticipated activities by locals and tourists is the November and December Christmas markets across Europe. The most famous markets include Manchester, Birmingham, Berlin, Nuremberg, Strasbourg and Vienna among others. You can reap big profits by renting a cabin and using it as a stall for a Christmas market. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy yourself while making great profits out of the winter markets. There are many benefits of using cabins as makeshift stalls, including...

Easy to set up

Cabins have made things easier by saving sellers the burden of looking for empty stalls within the marketplace. The modern-day structures, such as the ones offered by Map Garden Furnishings Limited, offer simplicity during set up. It only takes a  short while to have the cabin set up, which ensures that sellers do not struggle with the preparations. All you need is to get in touch with reliable experts who will transport and erect the structure for you within a short time.


Renting a cabin is ideal for town centres and festivities that do not require permanent structures. These cabins are presentable and attract more buyers due to their appearance. They can be used to create attractive stalls that can hold various Christmas items for sale. When erected along cities or festival parades, these structures blend well with the location to provide a perfect selling place.

Easy to decorate

Decorating wooden cabins is a walk in the park due to their natural look. The fact that they are wooden makes it easy to hang some decor such as Christmas stockings or some cool pictures to match the theme of the festivities. You can also consider some colourful lighting around the cabin with a small Christmas tree to set the mood.


Since Christmas markets are usually at the peak during November and December, you don’t have to hire a permanent shop to sell your products. Permanent structures tend to be expensive due to redesigning and paying for the deposit. Cabins are ideal for pop up markets that last for a short period because of their affordable nature.


Cabins come with fully lockable doors that offer a heavy-duty design to secure your products. This means that you can securely store your items even during the night when the market closes.

The benefits of cabin rental are endless. Get in touch with us to book yours today!

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