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5 places shed rentals make sense


The traditional garden shed has been a feature of British gardens since the 1800s. But as the centuries have passed, you may think nothing much has changed when it comes to garden shed construction. But you’d be wrong. Today’s sheds are designed to be long lasting by using treated timber and even steel to prevent rot, they have floating floors for added comfort, use high-performance roofing materials to help keep the rain out and can even be fitted with insulation to help keep occupants warm in winter.

In fact, the common garden shed has moved on so much it is now possible to use them in a great deal more places than the bottom of the garden. So in this blog, we’ll look at five places where short-term shed rentals can be used to either increase security or provide a much-needed service for the community.

constructionShed Rental for Construction sites

When you think of construction sites you probably think of bulldozers, cranes and pneumatic drills. But where there is expensive equipment, there is also a need for secure storage. Many construction sites use portable steel frame structures to provide a secure place to store expensive tools and equipment. However, sheds can also be used as a site office, security office, and even accommodation blocks if necessary.

corporateShed Rental for Corporate events

Today’s modern sheds are easy to install and come complete with power sockets and even furniture. This makes them suitable for all types of corporate events from exhibition promotion to customer service points, pop-up bars and even restaurants. There really is no limit to what you can do with a modern highly equipped shed.

christmas & farmers maketsShed Rental for Farmers/Christmas markets

Farmers markets first started appearing in the UK in the mid-1990s, today it is estimated there are around 750 of them every week in the UK. The same goes for Christmas markets which have become popular tourist attractions in many towns and cities in recent years. But you can’t have farmers or Christmas markets without a good ole shed in which to store and prepare your produce.

pop up storesShed Rental for Pop-up stores/restaurants

Pop-up stores and restaurants are still quite rare outside London, but they look set to become more popular as high-street rents continue to increase and more consumers do their shopping online. Today it is relatively easy and cost-effective to create a pop-up high street using portable sheds. In most cases, the whole thing can be created in a matter of a few hours with some forward planning.

festivalsShed Rental for Music festivals

If you’ve ever been to a music festival you’ll know how important the shed has become to staging these impressive events. Some festivals have become so large they have to create a portable village to be able to provide the level of services required. Sheds are used to sell merchandise, provide information points, create places for pop-up bars and restaurants, house first aid points and much more.

So you can see that the common shed has come a long way from being a refuge for grumpy old men at the bottom of the garden. Without it, many of the events mentioned above simply couldn’t take place. So if you’re thinking of staging an event and need a space to serve food, sell tickets and merchandise or secure expensive equipment, short-term shed rental could be just what you need.

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