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  • Ever thought about a Summerhouse?

    Ever thought about a Summerhouse?

    We might not be blessed with as much sunny weather in the UK as other countries, but when spring and summer do come around, we can appreciate them even more. One of the best ways to enjoy long lazy days at home during the kinder climates is in the garden, and if you are this type of homeowner, a summerhouse is for you.

    Not only can a summerhouse offer new ways of relaxing at home, but they can also be a savvy investment, which is capable of bumping up the value of your property significantly. In this article, we run through some of the key benefits provided by summerhouses, and look at some of the best on the current market:

    Summerhouses - the benefits


    Your own spaceYour own space

    Summerhouses present a number of opportunities to create your own private space where you can enjoy a sanctuary away from the noise of the main house. No need to convert a shed; just use a summerhouse for an unbeatable private study area or a 'man's room' which houses sports equipment and games. Don't have room for a gym room inside the house? Your summerhouse could provide the perfect opportunity to work out in the fresh air.


    Great for guestsGreat for guests

    If you regularly have groups of friends and family to stay or are cramped for room inside your house, summerhouses can offer an accommodation option for the warmer seasons. You can kit it out with everything necessary for a restful night's sleep, and save your relations or friends from having to seek out a hotel or B&B.



    Storage possibilitiesStorage possibilities

    If your property is overflowing with items that you actually need, you might want to save yourself some space by deferring them to the summerhouse. Summerhouses can be secured with locks, alarms and even CCTV security systems, so there is the option to transfer some of your items there from inside your house. This way, you can keep what you want, enjoy more room indoors, and negate the need to pay for an external storage unit.


    Summerhouses - which one is for me?Summerhouses - which one is for me?

    At MAP Garden Furnishings (, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to summerhouses. Perhaps you'll choose the Miami summerhouse with its pent roof and double opening doors. Then there's the elegant gazebo which is perfect for al fresco dining. And don't forget about the sun-filled sun pent summerhouse with its five fixed windows.


    To see more of the MAP Garden Furnishings summerhouse range, head to

    Shop Summerhouses

  • Looking for a new project?

    We all spend so much time and energy working on our gardens that sometimes we forget to just stop and smell the flowers. That’s why the perfect project for the new year is to install a summerhouse in your garden.
  • Cabin rental & assembly at Spinningfields, Manchester

    The cabin has been rented until January, and the 'tenants' have a great use for it! They're planning on turning it into a 'pop-up' picture gallery, decorated inside and out - including a full board on the back wall inside.
  • How to protect your wood shed this winter

    With strong winds, heavy rain, and snow, the winter months can take a toll on your shed. By conducting proper maintenance and taking the following precautions you can help your shed survive the winter and avoid any costly repairs.
  • Cabin rental for Christmas markets

    You can reap big profits by renting a cabin and using it as a stall for a Christmas market. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy yourself while making great profits out of the winter markets. There are many benefits of using cabins as makeshift stalls.
  • Our Guide to Garages

    Our range of metal and timber garages offer a stylish way to protect your car - or other valuable belongings such as bikes - from the elements. The warm, moisture-free environment makes sure that your expensive possessions stay safe, and the robust security keeps them secure from local miscreants.
  • Bespoke cabins - for your garden, and beyond!

    Our skilled designers and engineers can work with you to come up with the perfect cabin design, or we can use your own ideas and designs to make the cabin perfect for you. Cabins can be a single room or include internal partition walls.
  • 5 reasons to hire a cabin

    For years, sheds have taken pride of place in our gardens. Over time, the use of these kinds of buildings has evolved and now we're more reliant on them than ever. So, if you're wondering how cabin hire could benefit you, read on.
  • 5 places shed rentals make sense

    The traditional garden shed has been a feature of British gardens since the 1800s. But as the centuries have passed, you may think nothing much has changed when it comes to garden shed construction. But you’d be wrong. Read on to find out more.
  • Top tips on clearing out and cleaning up your shed

    Spring is on the way, which means it’s time for a good old spring clean. But does it fill you with dread – the thought of cleaning and clearing out your garden shed? Just because a shed may be out of sight, it doesn’t mean that it should be out of mind.

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