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  • Spring Gardening: Five ways to get your Garden Ready for the New Season


    It has been a long, cold, wet winter. The days have been grey and it has felt like spring will never arrive. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Bit by bit the days are warming up and blue sky is peeking through the clouds, which means only one thing… spring gardening!

    That’s right, it’s time to head to your garden sheds and dust off those tools.

    spring gardening 11. Carry out essential maintenance

    Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be limited to the home!
    Cleaning up your outdoor space is all part of spring garden maintenance.

    It’s easy to let things get out of hand while the winter rain keeps you cooped up inside, but now is the time to get on top of any overgrowth. Trim back those shrubs and trees, clear up stray leaves, mow the lawn and get rid of those weeds.

    spring gardening 22. Create a patch for wildlife

    What better use for off-cuttings and debris than a wildlife patch? Things like dead wood support a whole range of bugs, birds and mammals, so don’t be too hasty with the waste you have cleared from your garden.

    Another great way to turn your spring garden into a wildlife haven is by leaving an area to overgrow, especially if wildflowers are prone to popping up. These are perfect for bees.

    spring gardening 33. Get planting

    The most unlikely of our spring gardening tips: get planting! The season of life isn’t too late to help your garden grow.

    Spring is prime time for dahlias and summer flowering bulbs, as well as vegetables such as spinach and peas. And that isn’t all: spring is a great time to plant fruit trees and sew seeds for summer bedding plants.

    spring gardening 44. Give paving some TLC

    How lovely are those days when you can sit in the garden and just enjoy the feeling of the sun on your face? Or even invite round your nearest and dearest for al fresco dining and drinks

    Don’t let mucky or cracked paving spoil the beautiful scene – take advantage of the brightening spring weather to give it a good clean and replace any tired flags.

    spring gardening 55. Feed everything!

    Spring is the season of life, so it’s only right that one of our spring gardening tips involves feeding absolutely everything in your garden! Fill up bird feeders, water your plants and fertilise lawns to ensure that everything is in tip-top condition for the summertime.

    Are you ready for a spot of spring gardening? Is your shed heaving with tools that need a good airing? Take not of these gardening ideas for spring and, by summertime, your beautiful outdoor space will be bursting with life.

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